Typography in Interiors

Typography in interiors

Gone are the days when the only words seen on the walls of your home were the ones lovingly threaded by needlepoint from your favourite  Auntie and gifted to your mother.  Often a small round disk hanging near your entrance containing those very kitsch, but oh so loving words, ‘Home Sweet Home’. I am pleased […]

Design crush – beaded chandeliers


Oh how I love lighting…and lighting design is one of my favourite aspects of interior design – something to be considered at the outset of a new design or decorating project.   This week my design crush is the beaded chandelier.  And these little numbers are most definitely doing it for me.  Jewellery for the […]

Wreath Extravaganza


Who said wreaths should be made of foliage?  From shuttlecocks and lightbulbs, to paper doilies and industrial metal chains with padlocks, this bunch of wonderfully creative and non-traditional wreaths are most definitely inspiring me.  * Some of the wreaths shown here are one-off pieces produced by well known Interior Designers for the annual ‘Jingle & […]

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