Magnificent Matte Black: Kitchen & Bath Fittings

When designing kitchens and bathrooms you can’t go wrong with the elegant and timeless color combination of black and white, marble, and wood. It is a style that is as classic, yet current, as Audrey Hepburn’s black shades, pearl necklace and little black dress.  But what’s exciting and new with this color palette in kitchen and bathroom design is inclusion of black fittings (e.g. taps/faucets, mixers, shower heads, sinks and shower curtain rails).

And we are not talking the traditional, ornate oil rubbed bronze taps – todays tapware and fittings are modern and streamlined with a matte black finish. With more and more manufacturers producing bath and kitchen fittings in black, it seems this is a look that is here for the long haul. What’s more, black accents look great when combined with the other on-trend warm metallic accents such as brass and copper. Try incorporating these warm metals together with black in the same room (e.g. black taps and a brass light pendant) or look out for the latest taps/mixers that combine both shiny brass and a matte black finish in the product.

Still unsure or sitting on the fence on this one? Take a look at these bathrooms and kitchen for design inspiration.



A black and white room can leave some people feeling cold, however this room features a large wood bath which adds warmth and texture to this sleek, and luxurious space. Image source: Redgen Mathieson



It may be small but this compact bathroom hits the mark with it’s combination of hex floor tiles, wooden stool, hanging pegs and framed mirror, white subway tiles, black taps/faucets and brass hanging pendant. Image source: Designers CM Studio


Copper and matte black make a striking combination. Image source: Aura Home


For some Scandi style, highlight black fittings with light oak or white painted wood surfaces. Image source left: Design by Whiting Architects, Photo: Sharyn Cairns. Alternatively for a modern take on traditional, patterned tiled floors, black fittings and a black roll top bath work wonders. Image source right: Photo: Sharyn Cairns.


Image source: Design by Whiting Architects. Photo: Sharyn Cairns.


Instead of marble wall tiles how about putting a black mixer on a marble basin? Image source: Aura Home



An easy way to pull off a monochromatic room is to incorporate various textures whether it be a fur throw, large soft fabric light shades, a shiny metal candle or whitewashed floor boards. Image source: Designers CM Studio


White floor tiles and marble walls help create and light and airy bedroom and ensuite without taking away the magnificent focal point  – the View!   Image source: Redgen Mathieson




If black and marble is too stark for you, consider combining warm white painted walls and natural stone tiles and matte black tapware to create a soft and welcoming bathroom. Image source: GIA Renovations


We love the use of period fixtures like the wall mounted basin combined with a matt black faucet and hanging pendant light.  Image source left: Hecker Guthrie  The black window frame, thin black legs of the basin and shower curtain rain enhance the black and white floor tiles and shower head. Image source right: Photography by Amanda Kirkpatrick via Pavonetti Architecture.


Whether you opt for black or white cabinetry, a matte black mixer tap helps to create a modern look and accents of tan leather or wood help visually soften the space by adding another layer of texture.  Image source left: From Skandia Maklarna first seen on My Scandinavian home Image source right: Photos by Derek Swalwell via The Design Files.


A step beyond the matte black bath mixer is one with both black and brass details. Image source: via Chanel 9, Australia. “The Block” 2015


Want more? Stay tuned for our Top Picks of modern matte black kitchen and bathroom products.

















Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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10 Responses to “Magnificent Matte Black: Kitchen & Bath Fittings”
  1.' Decorator says:

    That wood bath in the first picture – do you know what exactly it is made of?

  2.' mortiseandtenon says:

    Hi it was very informative post with cool set of interior design collections.. Even we do have amazing designs for commercial span & modular kitchen is amazingly creative and elegant. So have all look at our website-

  3.' Bimal says:

    Those are some great pictures! I love when black and white is accented with dark, rich wooden tones!!! It balances at everything beautifully and the whole look is so simple. And I must day black and white does look great with warm metals. And there’s nothing like adding plants to the décor to spruce everything up :)
    Modern Homes at OurHome LK

  4.' Bimal says:

    Those are some great pictures! I love when black and white is accented with dark, rich wooden tones!!! It balances at everything beautifully and the whole look is so simple. And I must day black and white does look great with warm metals. And there’s nothing like adding plants to the décor to spruce everything up

  5.' Mark Harvey says:

    Love this, haven’t been able to get any clients to go for it yet though. Looks like jewellery, and it’s just hardware if you get sick of it down the road.

    • Give them time Mark. Black hardware is still relatively new. I think most people want to see if it is a trend that sticks before they commit to it. Same goes for black basins.

  6.' katie says:

    Great pictures, where can I find the black shower head?

    •' admin says:

      Hello Katie – Is it one particular shower head you are after? Most bathroom companies now stock a range of black shower heads. Where are you located?

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