Cactus Crush: How to display cactus plants in your home

The interiors world has gone crazy over cactus plants! In addition to the fiddle leaf fig and the snake plant, cactus plants are fast becoming the industry’s new favorite indoor plant.

A popular plant during fifties, it seems only natural that with the revival of mid-century design elements in home furnishings and accessories, architectural plants like cactus would be embraced once again. But how you display your cactus plant and what you display it in, is the key to creating a fresh, modern look fit for todays interior.

Five reasons to love cactus:

  1. Their unusual textures and organic shape give them the visual appearance of sculptures. (Instant art and greenery in your home without the hefty price tag!)
  2. They are happy, even when neglected (you can take that two week holiday and not fret about watering them!).
  3. They look terrific as a stand alone plant, as a pair, or grouped together in a cluster.
  4. Filled with character and personality, they suit a variety of interior design styles from modern to rustic, beachy to eclectic and compliment any color scheme. You can successfully pair them with natural and woven elements, mix with sleek monochromatic, bold or neutral color schemes and even with metallics.
  5. They look like rad hairstyles when displayed in handcrafted pots with faces!

How to display cactus plants in your home:


To increase the visual size of your cactus plant/s display them on a plant stand or table. Stands with splayed legs, pastel colored pots and ultra white sand convey a cool retro look!  Image source left: Photo of Little Green paints by Marij Hessel of My Attic.  Image source right: DIY mid-century planters by Sugar & Cloth


If you are styling a small shelf or space, look for petite varieties of cactus and succulents.  An effective way to display these smaller varieties is to choose a few, each with the same type of pot and line them up in a row.  Choose unusual geometric wooden/concrete pots to enhance your display. Image source top left: Boxcar planters via Etsy. bottom left: Art and Soul Creative Blog. Image source right: Adia planter by The Citizenry


A small group of cactus plants displayed in plain white, or black and white pots create a sleek, crisp, modern look and is perfect for a Scandi style interior.  Image source left: Photo by Manieke Versluis. Image source right: Faja Handcrafted Pot via Not on the High Street


Woven baskets add texture and convey a relaxed vibe and suit eclectic, beachy, and nature-inspired design schemes. Image source left: Studio Meez.


We love how the cactus plants resemble funny hairstyles when placed in these quirky, handcrafted pots – bringing a sense of humor and joy to your home. Image source left top: Sitting planters by Wacamole.  left bottom: Atelier Stella.  Image source right: photo by Igor Josifovic of Happy Interior Blog


To keep your little’uns wandering hands prickle free, consider displaying cactus under bell jars or in terrariums.  Image source left: Planters by Meyer Lavigne. Image source right: via Gracious Home



Instead of your usual coffee table accessories, choose small cactus plants and succulents for their sculptural qualities. Image source left: Image source right: Design Quixotic


For a super stylish on-trend option, display your cactus in a metallic vases or pots. If you don’t have one, grab some metallic spray paint and get creative. Image source left: Mod metal small planter, Urban Outfitters.  Image source right: via A Beautiful Mess


Cactus plants ooze character and personality and bring life to other inanimate objects. Image source left: Bo Bedre via Planete Deco. Image source right: via Design Sponge


Look out for sacks and bags which can double up as plant pots or plant pot covers. These not only help tie in the color scheme but also the theme of your interior. Image source left: Colorful Fabric Buckets from SkinnyLaminx on Etsy.  Source right top: Love recycled paper bags from Nordic Design Store.  right bottom: Cactus in Uashmama washable paper bag (bags come in metallics too). Image via 1800Endo


Opposites attract and that why we love these high-contrast interiors which mix black and white, rough (cactus plants) with smooth (sleek pendant light and wood burner). Image source left: via Blood and Champagne. Image source right: Armelle Habib via Yellowtrace

Thinking about incorporating a cactus in your interior? Here are some tips for growing cactus

  • A good indoor cactus growing tip is to lift the pot to see how heavy it is. If it feels lighter than usual, it is time to water your indoor cactus.
  • Always put your cactus in the sunniest spot in your home. A windowsill or table near a window are ideal locations.
  • When picking any container for growing plants, cactus or otherwise, there must be a drainage hole as even a little water will keep the soil saturated and rot the roots.
  • When learning how to grow cactus indoors, be careful not to prick your fingers. Always use gardening gloves when working with the succulents.

Will you be adding cactus to your list of new house plants or have you been a lifelong fan? Let us know what you think about these prickly beauties.

Want to know more about modernist gardens read Modernist Garden Elements: Modernism Week.

Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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7 Responses to “Cactus Crush: How to display cactus plants in your home”
  1.' Karolina says:

    Love those metallic plant pots. So cool! I love having cactus around in my house since I was a child but kids came along and health & safety called! Last time I bought get them it was for our au-pair room because I thought low maintenance but still welcoming. But guess what? She managed to kill them all including my aloe vera!! I definitely need to bring them back to my home, maybe in the bathroom. I like the idea of having them in jars.

  2.' Warren says:

    Some really great ideas here for cacti in the home. I love these things, they seem so low maintenance and yet they keep rewarding you with their expansive growth. The one’s that flower are amazing, but I just love watching them take on their new shapes as they grow new sprout buds from seemingly anywhere.

  3.' Mike K says:

    Great ideas on displaying the cactus. Sometimes collectors are too hung up on unusual and rare cactus plants and fail to notice how more common cactus plants can be arranged for interior decoration.
    AdeniumRose company rare and unusual cactus, succulent plants.

  4. The cactus is a really diverse and versatile plant. When I lived in Texas we loved to display them everywhere almost to the point where it became a cliche. Now that I don’t live there anymore I should follow these tips and display my Texas pride in my home! Great post Jill!

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