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Lighting design has never looked so impressive as it did at this years designjunction during London Design Festival. Jaw-dropping large scale galactic installations by international brands taking part in lightjunction (a brand new addition to designjunction dedicated to high-end decorative lighting); all the way though to the intricate hand crafted designs by local artisans.

We noticed several key themes at this year’s show in terms of lighting. These included Customization (whether it be choosing from a rainbow of colors for the flex cord, designing your own light from various inter-changable components, or specifying a unique color of pendant – customization is key); Warm metallics (when it comes to metallics – brass, copper & gold finishes continue to dominate); Hand crafted (just like buying art, consumers like the idea of owning a light that is hand made and truly unique to them. Small imperfections are embraced); Exposed bulbs (or those with transparent glass or minimal surrounds); High drama (by layering lights; hanging multiples of the same or similar lights together; or choosing one large-scale or oversized light pendent) – go big or plentiful. Read more about current lighting trends here.


Also, traditional materials like glass, metal, crystal, paper, and wood were being used in innovative new ways: glass flowers and fabric intertwined with fibre optics;  origami style folded paper pendants; handblown glass pendants mixed with decorative fringing; complex grids of thin bamboo plywood that connect together for simple home assembly; a globe of gold polythene panels lit by a LED core; and pendants with a seamless fusion from metal to ceramic surfaces.

Below is a selection of some of the stand-out lighting pieces from lightjunction. For more of our fab product finds (including some other lights and furniture) at Design Junction, read our previous post The Edit.


These large-scale, sculptural light installations designed and created by Sharon Marston combine materials such as fine bone china, hand-blown glass and woven polymers together with fibre optic filaments for a dramatic result. Sharon’s projects vary from private residences to international large-scale features in the commercial and hospitality sectors. We couldn’t help be mesmerized by their scale, intricate detailing and ethereal quality – making them almost impossible not to touch!



Victoria Rothschild and Mark Bickers of Rothschild and Bickers are making a name for themselves for their traditional free blown glass pendants that blend sophistication with a contemporary twist. From their studio in Hertford (one of the few remaining glassworks still active in the UK for handbown glass) each pendant is made to order, therefore no two pieces are identical.  Customers can choose from a variety of options in glass colour & form, metal finish and flex style & colour.

Two new releases at Design Junction included the: Retro Light – a sleek form made in handblown glass with a modernist streamlined spun copper top, the Retro light has a touch of the space age about it; and the Standing Pendant – a combination of smoked grey and bronze glass with copper and brass finishes, these pressed metal and glass pendants take playful inspiration from vintage standing lamps. The designs lend themselves to both modern and traditional interiors.


Recently Updated30-001

Baroncelli went for high drama and maximum impact by displaying a cluster of their Saturno lights of varying sizes and hung at different heights.  The Saturno light consists of a large black nickel ring surrounded by cristallo trihedrons. Whist this display would look stunning in a commercial space, a single one of these Saturno light looks equally impressive suspended over a dining table, living room or bedroom. Instant luxury and glamour guaranteed!


Scottish Designer, Kyla McCallum of Foldability has truly mastered the art of the fold.  Her Sonobe Collection is a series of hand-made paper light fittings made using a number of hand-folded, modular segments. She also offers a bespoke service –  fittings can be made in a range of shapes, sizes and papers.



Hungarian designers, Attila Kertész and Bence Simonfalvi of POS1T1ON Kollektíva designed this impressive range of pressed metal Pran lamps. The Pran collection contains 15 basic pendant lamp styles and the possibility to create up to 50 different combinations from the 5 basic moduls. We love the new copper variations (above) which were launched at design junction. Beautiful as a single pendant or several (slightly different combinations) hung together.



Suspended from the high ceilings of the old sorting office, this 200cm diameter light sculpture (with its gold foil panels), looks like some kind of outer space satellite. Created specifically for this year’s designjunction, the Dent200 was certainly a standout piece. Due to it’s size it had to be constructed onsite and we were fortunate to catch it’s designer Chak carefully construct it like he was piecing together the parts of a jigsaw puzzle.  The item is made to order in either Gold or White panels and there is the possibility to program special sequences with the LED’s if requested. Watch the video.



With an impressive combination of vintage industrial and a contemporary minimalist form the Spun lamp by Work House Collection immediately caught our attention.  Spun from a single sheet of aluminum the simplicity and scale of this lamp is what gets our vote – an almost perfect lamp for any modern kitchen or dining space.  We love the new teal and gold interior colorway.



David Trubridge showcased his range of new and existing pendants which are designed and made in New Zealand from sustainably sourced, thin flexible bamboo plywood.  The designs have all been inspired by nature including such things as sea urchins, coral and water shrimps – giving them their organic quality. These light pendants not only look like hanging sculptures, they also cast beautiful shadows on the surrounding walls. David has created a unique Seed System Kitset which basically means each piece is delivered flat packed and ready to assemble at home; dramatically reducing the carbon footprint.  Take a peek at a video of the home assembly here.



The new Glaze pendant by Innermost is a stylish, modern take on a retro style pendant with a sleek exterior that transitions from a metal to ceramic surface. It is available in both a copper / ivory ceramic and graphite / ivory ceramic finish.


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Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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