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Designjunction is set to raise the bar again at this year’s London Design Festival with a line-up of top international brands, plus emerging designers, pop-up shops, flash factories, eateries and seminars.  New for September 2013 is lightjunction, part of the show dedicated to lighting design and showcasing the very best in decorative lighting.

A vital part of any interior design scheme is how you are going to light the space.  From ‘unseen’ lighting sources highlighting architectural features (think of light-washing wall finishes, surfaces, shadow-gaps, staircases, joinery/shelving etc) through to decorative lighting that become the ‘jewels’ of the space. Over the past 12-18 months, I’ve seen how decorative lighting has become quite pared back with the naked bulb going into overdrive (see here), so I was interested to see lightjunction’s 6 key lighting design trends (as shown below) produced in collaboration with Cameron Peters Fine Lighting, UK lighting experts and specifiers.

September 18 isn’t far away and I’m already very excited to see the latest offerings from Artemide, Dare Studio, Davey Lighting and Vitamin (see all brands here) set against the raw and edgy industrial backdrop of the old 1960s postal sorting office in New Oxford Street (get a glimpse from last year here) – it’s a match made in heaven!  Six weeks and counting! But until then…

decorative lighting trends at lightjunction at designjuntion 2013

Trend #1: Simple glass shades for filament lamps A traditional metal filament lamp is beautiful to look at and casts a warm glow. They are now being used extensively, with no shade or with a very simple shade. Rosthschild & Bickers have picked up on this. Their new Pick-n-Mix range (pictured above) is the simplest in their collection yet comes in a variety of shapes, colours and finishes.

Trend #2: Carved and polished wood In 2012, designers discovered the fun of back-to-basics lights made using untreated pale woods. 2013 sees a return to the beauty of finely carved and polished darker woods. Channels is adding lights to their collection (pictured above). The lack of heat produced by LEDs means they can now make the structure, and even the shade out of oak or walnut.

Trend #3: Light modules for compositions A completely new type of light is creating exciting possibilities! Each design is a module that, when connected to others, forms a spectacular installation that can cover wide areas. You decide where they go, so the result is site-specific. The leading source is Vibia, who are offering modules for use on walls and ceilings, indoors and out.

Trend #4: Classic designs of the 20th century The most significant trend in lighting over the last few years has been the re-issuing of classic designs from the past. All the great architects of the 20th century created lights, which should be available to us. Increasingly they are, from companies like Kalmar, who are plundering 130 years of archives to form their beautifully made Werkstätten collection.

Trend #5: LEDs making eco lights possible LEDs produce very little heat. This means that lights can be made out of a much wider range of materials, including those that are environmentally sound. The results can be unusual. &tradition make the appropriately-named Trash Me (pictured above) out of recycled paper. When you have finished with it, recycle it again! They say, “like our global culture, it is a product that is ephemeral.

Trend #6: Paper lights Paper lanterns have a beautiful light weight quality to them. They don’t always last long (except for Vitra’s Noguchi designs) and few European lighting companies use paper. But Artemide have risen to the challenge. They have cooperated with the Japanese master of folding, Isseey Miyake, to use a paper-like material to create a delicate range of LED lamps called In-Ei (Japanese for shadows, shades, nuances) that unfold from flat 2D shapes into 3D shades


NEWS! Design Lovers Blog is delighted to be working with designjunction as media partner and official blog partner.  Watch out for our updates from the show 18-22 September 2013.

For more information on designjunction, lightjunction and brands at the show click here

Trends 1-6 written by Cameron Peters Fine Lighting/designjunction. All images sourced via designjunction or the respective brands.  Trends graphic produced by Design Lovers Blog. Click the image to pin it!

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  1. Loved the carved wood and the glass lights trend, not so much for the others. Great post!

  2. Decorative lighting adds character and a decorative touch to the outdoor living area extending the personality of the home and its owner from the inside to the outside. The lighting scheme can be as complex or as simple as the designer wants it to be.

  3. Great post and great decorative ideas. The 3rd trend is my personal favorite. I think that by choosing different stuff to make a lighting composition to a wall can turn the whole room into a design-statement.
    Keep the good posts coming..
    Have also a look at our good designing lighting products and ideas here :

  4.' Elba says:

    All of the six trends above are stunning. Among them Trend 1-Glass sheds and trend 2 carved & polished woods are mind blowing.

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