A boutique hotel with color & soul: Halcyon House

Today we are taking a virtual vacation to the recently revamped 21 room Halcyon House boutique hotel which is located at Cabarita Beach, on the stunning coastline of Northern New South Wales, Australia.

Seriously, if this picture doesn’t having you packing your bags immediately it might be time to call the doc!


Whilst the view alone will have you dreaming of the hypnotic sounds of waves crashing on the shore,  it is the interior design that gets us particularly excited.

The interiors of Halcyon House (pronounced hal-cee-on) are the work of Brisbane based interior designer, Anna Spiro.   We have been admiring Anna for a few years (read more here) for her masterful art of mixing color, pattern and vintage finds in a fresh new way to create interiors with personality and soul and a comfortable and relaxed vibe with the revamped Halcyon House boutique hotel being no exception.

The hotel features rich fabric-upholstered walls, handpicked antique treasures and original art collected from around the world, combined with Australian soul. The cheerful, vibrant color palette incorporates plenty of classic whites and blues with an injection of tropical prints and colors. The result is pure happiness.

Halcyon_boutique_hotel_via_Design_Lovers_BlogMuch of this former beach motels’s original 1970’s Spanish style architecture (including the arches) were retained.


Anna Spiro, along with the owners of the hotel, ‘curated’ a collection of antiques, furniture and art they hope will grow and stay within the walls of Halcyon House for years to come.

Many of the vintage pieces as well as furnishings by designers and artists, such as John Derian sofas, Madeline Weinrib rugs and drawings by Wayne Pate, were sourced on a trip to America. In addition, a team of bespoke craftsmen from Northern New South Wales and Brisbane, including lampshade makers and furniture restorers, were also engaged to bring to life many of the vintage pieces and it is this craftsmanship and attention to detail, that is evident throughout.


The pool and giant sun lounger is another feature of the hotel. The only thing missing from this photo is a cold glass of rose!


Bedrooms are inviting, relaxed and individual. Anna Spiro said “I wanted each room to be different so that guests can find their favourite room and then keep coming back and choosing to stay in that room each time they come.”


A clever and sophisticated layering of patterns and colors create a very inviting bedroom.


Upholstered walls and bespoke bed heads feature fabrics from such suppliers as William Yeoward, Raoul Textiles, Irving & Fine, Jim Thompson and Walter G.


Brass fixtures, granite counter top and patterned floor tiles in the bathrooms are both on trend but also timeless.


Interior Designer Anna Spiro said “I love to stay in a place that wraps me up and is beautifully decorated. You want to go home and dream about visiting that wonderful place again.”

The positioning of this boutique hotel in a quiet costal surfing village rather than a well known tourist hotspot, is something that has not been tried in Australia before. It’s a risky move by the owners/sisters Siobhan and Elisha Bickle and their husbands Adam Flaskas and Dave Wadley, however with the attention to detail that they have put into the hotel, restaurant and spa – is one we expect will pay off.

Elisha Bickle says “We believe Halcyon House will hit the right note – luxurious with a low key Australian feel, whimsical rather than formal and a relaxing retreat in a location otherwise known to those in the know as a little pocket of paradise”.

We couldn’t agree more, and look forward to turning this virtual vacation into a real visit very soon.

  1. denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.
    synonyms: serene, calm, pleasant, balmy, tranquil, peaceful, temperate, quite, gentle

For more information or to book your stay visit Halcyon House.

Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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  1. n.reismartins@gmail.com' Andrew Bradford says:

    Love the palm trees and all the blue details!!

    Australia shouldn’t be so far !


  2. Ah yes, but far is only relative to where you are living. You must check out this lovely country sometime.

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