Top 20 Modern Wallpapers for Kids Rooms

When it comes to choosing wallpaper for kids rooms there is no shortage of choice, but with so many designs to select from it is hard to know where to start. In our round-up of top 20 modern wallpapers for kids rooms you will find nature-inspired Scandinavian designs featuring trees, mountains and feathers as well as herringbone, star, raindrop and cloud patterns. These wallpapers are a fantastic option as they appeal to both boys and girls and can transition from nursery to teenage rooms. In addition, we have included childhood favorites such as space and sea, transportation and animal themed wallpapers.

Whilst there has been a huge rise in popularity in decorating kids rooms (both girls and boys) in black and white color schemes, there are many exciting colorful options worth exploring too.  Be sure to click on the link below each wallpaper to see what other color combinations are available.

Choosing to wallpaper all four walls or a single wall is a personal preference, however if you are opting for a high-contrast, bright color or bold pattern you may want to consider wallpapering a single wall as this will provide sufficient excitement and interest in a room (see examples below). Having some plain walls also allows you to hang artwork without worrying about clashes of pattern.


Image source: left, middle, right.


Top 20 Modern Wallpapers for Kids Rooms:


Image left:  The tree motif ‘Gran’ (left) and ‘Mountains’ wallpaper (right) create a crisp, modern backdrop to any child’s room. These modern Scandinavian wallpapers are made in Sweden by Fine Little Day. The fact that the snow-capped mountains pattern was designed by an eight year old makes it even more adorable!


Herringbone is one of those classic designs that lends itself to both boys and girls rooms. Image left: ‘Herringbone‘ wallpaper by Ferm Living.  Image right: ‘Feather‘ wallpaper by Serena & Lily comes in several bright colors.


A perfect backdrop to a room featuring a teepee are these teepee and feather motif wallpapers. Image left: ‘Indian Summer‘ wallpaper by Aimee Wilder was designed in collaboration with Finnish designer Ivana Helsinki.  Image right: ‘Teepee‘ wallpaper by Hibou Home. Both come in multiple color-ways.


Children love animals and so do we! These animal designs are bursting with personality and create a playful atmosphere. Image left: Mr Fox’ wallpaper by Scion (available in several colors). Image right: ‘Portraits‘ wallpaper by Hibou Home.


If your little boy is fascinated by machinery, particularly things that fly and drive, then these two wallpapers will surely please him. Image left:  ‘Spitfires‘ wallpaper by Paperboy London. Image right: ‘Rush Hour‘ wallpaper by Ferm Living.


Even since we were little we have been fascinated by what’s above – whether it be those little cotton balls in the sky or the raindrops that fall on our face so it makes sense that cloud and rain patterned wallpapers will have universal appeal. Image left: ‘Drops‘ wallpaper by Sissey + Marley.  Image right: ‘Cloud‘ wallpaper via Ferm Living.


For the child with a wild imagination we love these two wallpapers. Image left: ‘Animals‘ wallpaper by Minakani Walls. Image right: ‘Dragon‘ wallpaper by Nubie Modern Kids Boutique.


Whether your child wants to be a star or likes dreaming about the night sky, these star wallpapers will create an uplifting atmosphere.  Images:  ‘Stars‘ wallpaper by Hibou Home is available in three gorgeous shades and features stars of varying sizes.


Half Moon‘ wallpaper by Ferm Living can be as bold (see black and white version above) or as subtle (see above right) as you like depending on color choice. It’s relaxed hand drawn motif lends itself perfectly to a kids room. Image right source: via Spearmint Baby


For the child fascinated by the sea and all things nautical, they will love these two patterns. Image left: ‘Set Sail‘ wallpaper by Kimberley Lewis. Image right: ‘Anchor‘ vinyl wallpaper by Livettes on Etsy.


These space-themed wallpapers capture the future yet have a distinctive retro feel about them. Image left: ‘The Final Frontier‘ by Paperboy London.  Image right: ‘Big Robots‘ wallpaper by Aimee Wilder.

If you have any kids wallpaper favorites please do share them with us.

For more information and inspiration on designing modern kids rooms, check out our post Bedrooms Kids Will Love and visit our Pinterest Board: Kids Rooms.



Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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10 Responses to “Top 20 Modern Wallpapers for Kids Rooms”
  1.' Karolina says:

    I love the herringbone wallpaper. Scion also has some really great wallpapers for older kids which are not necessarily theme based but are bold and colourful for both girls and boys. I also like Fern Living wallpapers since they create a statement but firm a great backdrop too! Great choices!x

  2.' Flor says:

    err… Are you sure grey is the best color for a kid? I’d rather choose the blue stars or something a bit more colorful.

    • Blue star wallpaper sounds fabulous. I guess it depends on the age of the child and your personal preference. There is a big shift towards monochromatic color schemes in kids rooms however if you prefer color then you will find plenty of different color ways to choose from in the wallpapers we have selected.

  3.' Daniela says:

    I loved this post about wallpapers. All of them are elegant but still offer the perfect place for kids to explore their imagination. Combining these wallpapers with a perfect rug can make out of the kid’s room the best playground. If you want too see our idea of how a hand-made, felt wool ball rug look like, I invite you to visit our website:

  4.' John Gerg says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I really need these types of wallpapers ideas, my cute baby boy like ancient worlds and planes& auto mobiles wallpapers.

  5.' Bimal says:

    I never was a fan of using black and white color schemes for kid’s bedrooms. Maybe for older kids but younger ones need to have that colorful vibrancy. Love the Animals and Dragons wallpaper and the Stars wallpaper is so simple but extremely pretty! The Herringbone and Feather ones look great for older kids.
    Modern Home Ideas at OurHome LK

    • Thanks for your comments. Yes colour is a personal choice and I appreciate many people prefer vivid colours for kids rooms. I guess no matter how you decorate a childs room you are probably going to want to change it after 5 years or so as the kid matures unless you go for something neutral like the herringbone pattern.

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