Lust List: Neon Color Crush – Modern Home Decor


Neon colors are gracing the furniture and home accessories world like never before… hot on the heels of the fashion industry. And while neon colors are not for the faint-hearted, you might be surprised to see how they can be applied to create  youthful through to sophisticated interior schemes.

Rather than mixing neons with bright whites (a look that can appear rather harsh), designers are combining these neon brights with all shades of gray and neutral tones.  Some of my favorite product color combinations include the lime chevron and neon red print on hemp cushions, the subtle neon trim on the gray cushions, the fun neon afro designs printed on the gray jersey cushions and the neon stripe on the hardwood bowl.

For a bolder, more youthful and fun space I would definitely choose the retro flocked phone in pink neon, the adorable ‘pop’ cushion, the Bocci desk lamp and NEW Sonya Winner ‘After Matisse’ cushion – all of which have a Pop art quality to them.  Other favorite finds include the ‘Glow in the Dark’ print which appears almost back-lit, the acrylic icosahedron pendant, the acrylic Ben Jones ladder  (love how the light reflects off the edge of acrylic and the two tone nature of this piece!) and pink star cushion.

Need a little neon in your home? Come shopping with us right here:

1. Catherine Colebrook Piped Edge Cushionicon  // 2. Icosahedron Pendant // 3. Neon Chair  // 4.  ‘Glow in the Dark’ Print  // 5. Ben Jones Ladders // 6. Sonya Winner After Matisse Cushionicon // 7. Pop Cushion by Quick and Rescueicon // 8. Bocci 28 Series Desk Lamp // 9. Lime Chevron and Neon Red Cushionicon // 10. Pink Star Print Cushion // 11. Neon Jersey Cushions //  12. Retro Flocked Phone by Johnny Egg // 13. Neon Hardwood 12″ Salad Bowl 


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Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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