African Style: Luxe Glamping

It’s a world ahead of ‘glamping’ as you know it, but it still offers you the experience of being immersed in nature, whilst never having to give up any of your usual home luxuries and impeccable design aesthetic. The brand new Singita Mara River Tented Camp is more luxurious than most homes (my rental apartment included!); with its breathtaking views and divine interiors.  What’s more, it is 100% ‘off the grid’, running entirely on solar power.

Located in the secluded Lamai triangle area of Tanzania; a prime safari location – the look is cool and modern whilst being elegant and relaxed all the same.

I’m definitely channeling my inner Katharine Hepburn when I look at these photos. Enjoy!

Plenty of local natural and woven materials as well as local textiles all enveloped within a white draped ceiling; this is one space you might never want to leave.

A calming color palette of grays, whites and natural woods blend in perfectly with the beautiful vista.

I love the casual nature of the cluster of tables (which appear to be tree trunk sections dipped in paint) and the small accent of red.

In keeping with the concept of sustainable living, the camp is built from natural and recycled materials including wood, stone, canvas and raw leather.

The retro canvas and steamer trunk furniture (similar to pieces found at Restoration Hardware) and crisp white linen in the bedroom help to create a nostalgic, romantic atmosphere.

I love that a conscious effort was made by the interior designers to source original work from talented, young designers and craftspeople, to celebrate the best of contemporary African design. It allows us to see local creativity in a fresh, new way. Wooden turned lights are made from sustainable Jacaranda wood; decorative wire baskets the exact shape and design of traditional grain-sorting baskets and splashes of primary red and blue with black in Masaai-inspired patterns.

Granted, this is not an inexpensive holiday (it will set you back around US$1200/night all inclusive), but it would certainly be a memorable one.

More details can be found at Singita Mara River Tented Camp.

Now that you have seen the surrounds and are ready to book, just make sure there is room enough in your suitcase for me!

Photo Credit: All images courtesy of Singita.
Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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  1.' Sofia says:

    WOW, now that is glamping on a new level!

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