Bedrooms, Kids will Love: Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If there is ever a room more suited to unleashing your creativity on, it is a child’s bedroom. But with so many choices in terms of decor, it is often hard to know where to begin.  To help you get started we have included simple decorating ideas for creating children’s rooms that are fun, engaging, comforting and inspiring. And best of all, you don’t have to be a skilled tradesperson or spend a fortune to implement these ideas. These modern decorating ideas will have even the fussiest little camper jumping for joy.


Whist it may not be a carnival, adding a string of bunting or lights to a child’s bedroom always creates a festive atmosphere.


Painting a wall or door in blackboard paint or incorporating a freestanding blackboard, gives the child a sizable surface for expressing their creativity and practicing their ABC’s.


Decorating a single wall or all four walls with patterned wallpaper or oversized decals adds character and depth to a child’s bedroom.  Nature inspired, graphic motifs look fresh and modern and can be mixed with other patterns.


Get creative with storage solutions.  Wire baskets can serve as decorative storage and a bookcase can be transformed into a colorful display unit by lining the back of each shelf with colorful craft paper.


Doll houses have stood the test of time but who says you need to buy one.  Transform a bookshelf or cardboard box with some washi tape to create one-of-a-kind doll houses that children will enjoy. And remember the doll house concept can be applied to miniature fire stations, police stations and rocket launchers etc.


If space permits incorporate a teepee. Children love feeling cocooned in small spaces. Teepee’s make perfect little dens, reading nooks or play stations, not to mention they look fabulous.


With a hammer and drill you can go one step beyond the teepee and make a miniature cubby house. Not only do these look ever so cool, they can be draped with fabric to create miniature play or sleep spaces that children will absolutely love.


Children love to play indoors as well as outdoors.  A simple swing or a hopscotch grid taped onto the floor can create hours of fun.


Colorful artwork can help pull the room together but it need not be expensive.  Create your own design with post-it-notes or from personal photos and postcards that you may have collected over the years.



Mixing the old with the new gives added character to a space. Introduce one or two vintage furniture and for maximum impact paint them in a bright color.


Invest in a few basic frames to display your child’s artwork.  Displaying your child’s art not only makes the child feel good about themselves, it also adds color and personality to a bedroom. Instead of randomly displaying artwork around the room, group together pictures in a gallery style format for maximum impact or hang on a wire line like you would bunting. Replace / update the pictures as your child grows.


Large or small, old or new, maps add a touch of nostalgia to childrens’ rooms and help them gain a better understanding of where they are in the world. Whether it be a map covering the entire wall of a small map picture, you can’t go wrong with a map!


Don’t just think of standard bookshelves. Your shelving can double up as an art piece in the room. Create your own bespoke shelving from wooden boxes or MDF to compliment your design scheme.


Introduce plenty of storage but position it low so children can access it easily. One less excuse for them not to put things back where they belong!


Children have wild imaginations and so can you when designing a child’s room. How about using an old ladder as a bookshelf, some old wooden planks to create a cityscape or applying tape to the wall to create a city and frame a work zone?


No matter how big or small the space you are working with, it is important to try and create a work area.  There are so many desk options around to suit every space – from the under bunk bed style desks to vintage school desks and modern desks. For limited spaces consider a narrow bench / console which can work well as a desk and occupy an unused space below a window.




All children want to feel safe and loved in their room and there is nothing more inviting than a smiling face cushion to help them feel at ease and slip off into a quiet sleep.

Happy decorating! We would love to hear from you and receive images of your decorating successes.

For more information on designing modern childrens’ rooms see our Blogpost: Stylish Kids Rooms or click through to our Pinterest board: Kids Rooms where you will find plenty more ideas.


Image credits. Please refer to our Pinterest page where you can click through to find original sources of all images above.

Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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26 Responses to “Bedrooms, Kids will Love: Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas”
  1.' Lorna May says:

    Hey Miss Jill

    This is great – I’m wanting some stars on my bedroom wall now!
    Love the craft paper behind the bookcase alcoves – that looks amazing.
    I’m all inspired.
    I’m hoping to create a room of my own – like a playroom/creative space/meditation.
    Thanks for the ideas.
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Big love
    Lorna x

    • Thanks for your feedback Lorna. I think stars would be great for a meditation room. If you would like resources for the star wallpaper let me know. You might even want to consider star decals too. Jill x

  2.' Karolina says:

    Blackboards are such a great idea. My girls swapped rooms few years ago so our blackboard is almost 10 years old now and still in use.

  3.' Joey G says:

    These kiddie rooms are Brill! So FUN!

  4. The question is how do you get your children to come out of these fantastic bedrooms? Most kids only need a little imagination and a good setting. Fab ideas, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Jil … That’s great work. The idea of decorative shelves and that study room is simple amazing. Hats off to your hard work … And thank you so much for sharing such a informative post with us …

  6. this is absolutely amazing i love these room designs soo much and i cant wait to go out and find some of this stuff to put in my own home

  7.' Gene Reviere says:

    I like what you have done for working areas, great ideas. Also,I believe adding correct lighting is important. It is essential to discover one that supplies the quantity of light you require and to take into consideration just how the light releases from the light bulb, and also the measurements of the light bulb and also base.

  8.' Paul Brady says:

    Awesome inspiration Jill- Love the blackboards, I haven’t seen this done so often here in the UK but it seems fantastic and let’s face it you never have to worry about drawings on the wallpaper again!

  9.' Mamta Bajaj says:

    Stunning designs…..I think kids area should be highly creative and make them comforable with their studies, plays and I found Mighty Maps and Kids Art Image very nice and effective.
    Mamta Bajaj
    Interior Designer

  10.' Karen Fogel says:

    Great post, This decoration is advisable for little kids where they can already appreciate the shapes and colors of the design. Thank you for sharing this post.

  11.' Sneha says:

    Wonderful ideas.. I’m sure the kids will love this too. You can also refer for more ideas for your kid’s bed

  12.' All Digital says:

    Kids bedroom furniture gives them the much-needed advantage of staying easy as well as comfortable. Your kid should enjoy the best facilities of best infrastructure that will help them grow properly.

  13.' Jemma says:

    This website has some lovely children’s furniture and it’s also affordable!

  14. I love to decorate my kid’s bedroom with toys and lots of accessories which can help them to learn something.

    ” While constructing a bedroom, you must cover the flooring to protect your child from knee, feet or hands injury as they usually hit the floor while playing in the room”

  15. What a very lovely design for a kids bedrooms, I have been looking for some fresh ideas on how I will decorate my kids bedroom. I will surely follow the tips that you have mentioned in your article. Thank you for sharing.

  16.' Kawaljit says:

    Hey Jill,

    Really nice and creative post on kids room decor. I would love to read about your opinion on custom wallpaper and custom wall murals for kids room decor. Kids Wallpaper market has seen many interesting custom wallpaper designers presenting different themes and ideas for Kids Room Wallplaper.

  17. These are really inspirational, I wonder how long they stay this pristine though!

  18.' Hanna says:

    I love this nice design and find it very inspiring, I would love to have a room like this for my kids! However, the rooms would only be this well cleaned and tidy like once a year anyway…To keep the children’s rooms in order is really an upstream swim. I write about it in my blog:

  19.' Joanna says:

    Some fab ideas! My son and daughter share a room and I’m currently trying to create a space they can both enjoy. Really like the blackboard idea. :)

  20.' Nida says:

    Amazing Blog created by you.It is really informative and helpful for me. I like all of these so much. Mainly the smiling cushions idea is best one for me. Thanks for your sharing.

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