Stylish Kid’s Rooms – Fresh Ideas for Modern Decor

If you enjoy decorating children’s rooms, you are going to love this selection of stylish, modern bedroom designs for the little ones (babies, toddlers and preschoolers).

When designing rooms for young children, I personally like to avoid anything that resembles themed decor – think Disney characters, Star Wars, princess, fairy, sport or transport motifs in those ever so popular matching quilt sets, lampshades, rugs, curtains and wall decals.  Ugh!

There are so many alternative fun, creative, and age appropriate solutions, that are not overly themed and can easily transition into a more grown-up space as the child gets older.  What’s more, many of the items can be re-used in any room of your home. A leaf or chevron patterned rug, a cow hide, natural bamboo window shades, colorful beanbags, a vintage dresser.. to name a few.

Here is a selection of some of my favorite, modern designs for young children’s bedrooms:

Color and pattern transform these children’s rooms into playful havens. I love the brightly colored beanbags, chairs, striped rug and bedcover. They add excitement and depth to the white canvassed room. The circular coffee table placed in the middle of the room offers an ideal place to play, eat, write or simply gather around with friends. Image source: Skonahem. Right image: Via Bolig Magazine. Photo by Frederikke Heilberg.


This shows what a little imagination can do – a painted armoire and the use of modern wallpapers coupled with bright accents give these rooms a fresh, youthful and completely unique look.  Image source: Home of stylist Jane Frosh via Desire to Inspire. Right image: Design by Allison Davin of Jute Interior Design.


Not just for a child’s bedroom, the large patterned rug could easily be re-used in any room of your home. The neutral tones in the large leaf pattern (rug) and small dragonfly print (wallpaper) are further enhanced with the pop of fuchsia in the throw and pillow.  Image source:  Design by Allison Davin of Jute Interior Design.


Chevron chic is not just for adults. Not a Disney character in sight! Rather, contemporary colors, stripes and geometric patterns dominate these adorable, colorful, cheerful bedrooms. What’s not to love? Image source: Skonahem and Frederikke Heilberg. Right image: Babble

Decals don’t just have to feature trains, cars or monkeys. Instead, these monster decals add a quirky touch. A wonderful use of space and a cozy child’s bed.



If you prefer a calming space for your little one, find some vintage furniture and paint it in soft pastel colors, then offset against white walls. Add some simple homemade artwork and voila! A room fit for your princess, without a princess in sight. Image Source: Caught in Grace via Apartment Therapy.



I love a room that makes me smile and this one hits the mark. Vintage finds, homemade art, a patchwork quilt and quirky objects make this one delightful room. This room proves nothing has to ‘match’ to look terrific. Image source: My Ideal Home.



Stripes, stripes and more stripes.  Bed covers, wall treatments, pillows and floor boards all look fabulous in this timeless pattern. From ice cream vendors to carnivals tents and the seaside, stripes never cease to remind me of fun times. Image source: My Ideal Home.


From our earliest days we are stimulated by nature. If you don’t have green fingers, how about bringing nature indoors in the way of a tree bookshelf or wall decal?  Both are thought provoking and stimulating for your little one!


In today’s world, children are more likely found drawing on an Ipad than on paper, however, a chalkboard is something that never grows old.  Whether covering a whole wall or simply painting the inside of a picture frame, chalkboard paint is so versatile.  Let your child explore their creativity or give them a helping hand.  Fill the wall with drawings, messages of love, birthday wishes, to do’s or the spelling of your child’s name. The possibilities are endless.  Left image: via House to Home. Photograph by Dan Duchars. Right image: Valkoinen Harmaja via Apartment Therapy.


No need to take a child’s room too seriously – time to get playful with patterns and have fun. Image source: Southern Living and HGTV Canada

I hope you enjoyed this selection of modern children’s rooms. Which one is your favorite and why?

ps. Stay tuned for my post about artwork for children’s rooms.









Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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  1.' Nikki Mewett says:

    Love these looks for the littlies…..I am struggling to find cool ideas for the teenagers….any suggestions??

  2.' Jenine says:

    Looking forward to teenagers rooms too. The rooms on this post are gorgeous!

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