Moodboard: Modern Tropical Interior Design

Forecasted as a trend by fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar last year, tropical fern, banana and palm leaf prints are now making a big impact in interior design. Our ‘Modern Tropical’ mood board shows how you can incorporate bold leaf patterns with simple, streamlined furniture pieces and copper accents to create a fresh, fun, modern look that still packs a punch.  Like what you see? You can click on the image to shop your favorite pieces.

If you are a fearless decorator, check out our inspirational room shots featuring further applications of this trend.  Enjoy!

Image Top Left to Bottom Right:  Marlow Smoked Glass and Copper Ceiling Light by Aaron Probyn.// Bell Basket Ceiling Pendant  // Palm Jungle Wallpaper by Cole & Son  // Bloomingville Black Floor Lamp with Copper Shade // Jumbo Couch by Ian Archer // Pachikari Cushion by Kangan Arora // Grey Felt Fancy No 2. Cushion by Lab Boutique   // Coralie Low Walnut Coffee Table // Marimekko Kompotti Mug // Small Green Top Copper Vase // Copper and Green Dinner Candle Holder // What a Corker Mirrors by Daniel Schofield Studio // Blossom Yellow Side Table with Dipped Solid Wood Legs // Emerald Green Kiwi Bird // Original Pattern Artwork by  Shelley Steer and Louise Jones for A Side Project //  Yellow Kiwi Bird  // Varo Black Metal Side Table  // Aqua Ombre Geo Cushion by Nitin Goyal London

Room Inspiration

Whilst models and celebrities alike still jump at the chance to be photographed in front of the Hinson & Co iconic ‘Martinique’ Banana Leaf wallpaper which covers the walls of  the historic and glamorous Beverly Hills Hotel (bottom left picture), today we are seeing a new variety of palm and fern leaf prints (both big and small, colorful and monochromatic) appearing in new wallpaper and fabric collections and making their way into chic home interiors.


Image Left: It’s all in the mix – sofa covered in NEW Matthew Williamson ‘Jungle Beat’ Fabric by Osborne & Little. Right: Keep it modern by pairing black and white ‘Palm Jungle’ Wallpaper by Cole and Son with the leather sofa, metallic accents and shag rug.



Miranda Kerr is one of many celebrities photographed against the famous Martinique wallpaper in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Image Source Left:  via Berta Browniie   Right: If you are looking for a more serene environment this mostly white and coral palette with a large palm tree mural hits the mark. Photo credit: Oly.

Large mural style wallpapers can transform modern homes into show stopping spaces. Incorporate this bold wallpaper into a minimalistic space with lots of white or mix with other statement furnishings like the large floor lamp above to create a more eclectic look.  Two of our favorite mural style wallpapers include Mural Flower Print Wallpaper by Spanish street artist Nuria Mora available through Bloom Papers and the new Andy Palmar’ wallpaper by Icelandic illustrator Kristjana S Williams.
Image Left:  If wallpapers are too dramatic for your taste there are plenty of leaf prints to choose from. One of our favorites is ‘Beverly IV’ Tropical Banana Palm Leaves Watercolor Print by The Aestate. Inspired by the original Martinique wallpaper at the Beverly Hills Hotel, this modern interpretation of the banana leaf is a great addition to any design scheme (see image below right). Image Source: Domain. Right: If you prefer a bold look, the vibrant Mr Perswall ‘Tropical Colors’ Expressions  digital wallpaper makes the perfect backdrop to a cheerful family dining area.  Photography credit Nick Scott / Styling Sarah Ellison via Real Living Mag. Below Left: For a slightly more subtle look create a feature wall with Mr Perswall ‘Tropical Colors’ wallpaper and combine with a neutral color palette.
Whether you choose a subtle or bold application, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a little ‘Tropical’ decor into your home to create a fresh, modern and inviting space.
Is this something that you will be introducing into your home? We would love to hear from you.
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Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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5 Responses to “Moodboard: Modern Tropical Interior Design”
  1. If you’ve got a big wall and a bold heart, we say go for those mural style wallpapers. The “Andy Palmer” is amazing. It is actually making our heads explode right now and we’re rethinking some major decorating decisions. Where can we fit that…

    •' admin says:

      Hi Kim – We couldn’t agree more. The mural style wallpapers are amazing. If you do go for it – we would love to see a photos of your completed space.

  2.' Joanna says:

    We are re-designing our showroom where we have a number of very colorfully-bright glassware. The Martinique wallpaper will be amazing as a background for them. You can either love this pattern or hate it – as it can be a bit overwhelming…
    We definitely love it!

  3. The interior design is amazing. The refreshing drawings on the wall are so Eco friendly. This design is fitting on vacation houses or seaside houses. The relaxing mood of the design is wonderful.

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