Patterned Tiles: Interior Design Trend

Move over plain white and beige floor tiles! Today’s floor tile designs feature exciting and bold patterns and are being used in fresh new ways to create stunning interior design schemes.

Whether you opt for the traditional encaustic tiles (that have been a staple in Victorian entryways), Moroccan inspired tiles, modern geometric, or other patterned tiles, the key to pulling off this fresh new look is to let the tiles be the ‘hero’ of the room and working simple, streamlined, architectural furniture and lighting pieces into the space.  This creates a modern look packed with character and artistic flair, with the patterned tiles adding a sense of nostalgia and quality craftsmanship to the design.


For a chic, modern look go for black and white patterned tiles and mix them with natural materials such as wood and concrete and incorporate plenty of white to keep it fresh. Image Source Left: via ‘Japanese Trash‘ Patchwork Evening Cement Tile.  Image Source Right: Photography Lucas Allen for Share Design. Design by Whiting Architects.



Bathroom floors are a great place to add large scale patterned tiles as fewer floor lines equate to less visual chopping, resulting in a larger visual space.  Image Source Left: Fastighetsbyrån. Image Source Right: Photography Matteo Imbriani



Decorative tiles add character and depth to these modern bathrooms. Image Source Left: MHouse Inc. Image Source Right: Photography Sean Fennessy, Styling by Lucy Feagins.   Right: tiles by Jatana Interiors



We love the mix of the old with the new, traditional tiles with sleek furniture and unusual curiosities. Image Source Right: via Architectural Digest



Incorporating traditional or new encaustic tiles in your entrance is a great way to introduce a color scheme in your home.  Image Source Left: Balance Design. Image Source Right: Unknown



Why not create your own large scale pattern with a unique arrangement of your own tiles as shows here.  Image Source Left: Sarah LaVoine  Image Source Right: Photography Matteo Imbriani


For something truly unique how about combining tile and wood within the same space? This stunning warehouse apartment was designed by Paola Navone. Image Source: Casa Vogue


While tiles have always been a popular option for bathrooms, kitchens, and entry ways due to their ability to withstand heavy wear and tear and water, it is their use in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms which is new – particularly in the not so hot countries. Image Source Left: Photography Filippo Bamberghi  via Casa Vogue. Image Source Right: This living room above oozes sophistication but with a modern sensibility. We particularly love the way the angular chair leg shape and Greta Grossman lamp base mimic the angular pattern in the bold ‘Lattice’ tiles by Fired Earth.


Image Source Left: Design by Sandra Behaumou, Photography MontsegarrigaDesign by Sandra Behaumou,  via Elle Decor España.  Image Source Right: Photography Filippo Bamberghi  via Casa Vogue.



Its all in the mix! These rooms successfully mix retro patterned tiles with rustic and mid-century furniture to create a unique modern look packed with character.  Image Source Left: The ‘Double Ellipse’ light grey granito tiles by Lindsey Lang come in changeable colours and patterns to suit any interior style. Photography Rob Streeter.  Image Source Right: The ‘Clementine 20′ tiles give a slightly period feel to this modern warehouse space. Photography Mauricio Fuertes. Design by Egue Y Seta.


Feature walls of patterned tiles can make a big impact, particularly in small spaces. Image Source Left: via Home_Designing Image Source Right: via DailyFix.


Image Source Left: via Amber Interior Design  right via Nanna Normas Granddaughters



These two bathrooms feature their floor tiles on a single wall too, with great success. They key is the keep the remaining walls white. Image Source Left: T01 Architects. Photography Leah Weinstein and Styling by Bianca Spiegel. Image Source Right: Photography Brett Boardman. Architect  Christopher Polly.



Image Left Source: via Plataforma Arquitectura. Photography Jomar Bragança. Design by David Guerra. Image Right Source: via Dwell Photography Wichmann + Bendtsen, Tiled wet room designed by Paola Navone.


As you can see, tiles are no longer the flooring choice of the past. There are so many wonderful designs available today and plenty of new ways to incorporate them into a home, whilst keeping the look fresh, modern and exciting.

Stay tuned for our upcoming post: Top Patterned Tiles and where to buy.


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Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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    Patterned tiles are becoming increasingly popular. This post has great photos that showcase some beautiful and unique tiles. Thanks for posting!

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  5. Interior design is the demand of modern lifestyle. It is great collection of patterened tiles . Soem designs are just awesome.

  6.' Cristina says:

    Wow, those tiles are amazing!!

  7. Super stylish way to bring life to a room! The patters are very beautiful and eye-catching. Real proof that tiles can be fun :)
    And with proper care they can last ages. Thanks for sharing! :)

  8.' Regina Adams says:

    Hi Jill,

    Thank you so much for showing us the possibilities of using tiles. The ideas that you have presented are truly awesome. I like the idea of combining tiles and wood to create that stunning effect and I have never thought about that. Thanks once again.

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