Rockers Eclectic California Home

Perched in the Los Angeles hillside neighborhood of Los Feliz is a traditional Spanish style home which combines rocker cool, artistic flair and sophistication in all the right measures. The home belongs to lead guitarist Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy, his wife Marie Goble and daughter Poppy.

Whilst the interior is packed with personality, it was not always this way. After purchasing the home Joe and Marie hired design firm Consort to create a welcoming family home that stayed true to their rocker roots.

The couple also wanted to keep the integrity and existing layout of the Spanish style home which meant no major construction or moving walls. The changes, therefore, were mostly to surfaces (painting, new tile work, and flooring) in areas where it most counted.  The biggest challenge of the redesign then became how to consolidate and edit down the huge list of furniture and accessories coming from the owners former homes in both New York and Chicago into this one Los Angeles home. A massive process of editing began.

Whist new pieces of furniture and accessories were also purchased, Consort was able to marry many styles of the owners existing pieces together to create a space that is welcoming, eclectic and cool – a perfect match for the couple. Lets take a look inside.


Never has a taxidermy peacock on a fire mantel look so perfect! We also love how the black and white geometric tiles inject a contemporary edge to the Spanish-style home and play off the shape of the lights. And the glass coffee table with the bronze ram skull definitely brings some rocker chic to the room. Image source: Daniel Collopy


With Joe as a musician, and Marie having a background in art, “both were creatively open-minded and allowed us to take risks,” Brandon Quattrone of Consort said.  The artwork is bold and expressive and sets the tone for the house.  Image Source: Daniel Collopy


Kids room can often be ever so cutesy, but not in this case.  Wife Marie was adamant that she wanted the nursery to feel like a nice room and not necessarily a kid’s space so Consort decorated with a bit of adult-like restraint, while incorporating whimsy with a gold-leafed heart mural and a gallery wall of papier-mâché animal trophy heads from Nickey Kehoe. Marie says the gold-leafed heart is one of her favorite elements of her new home. “It makes me so happy.” We couldn’t agree more  – and check out the framed records!


The classic black and white color palette continues through to the playroom, and softness is added with the soft pink window seat cushions and large bean bags which look rather sculptural.  Image Source: Phil Sanchez

modern_kids_bedroom_by_Consort_Design_via_Design_Lovers_Blog 2

Who wouldn’t enjoy sitting in this nursery? From the purple velvet footstool to the lighting (both ceiling light and lamp) to the flokati rug, it is sophisticated yet the mix of textures makes it inviting for a child.  Image source: Daniel Collopy


A perfect example of how to incorporate banquette seating in the kitchen. The black and white color palette and classic furniture pieces including the Aero Saarinen Tulip table create a look that is timeless yet fresh and modern at the same time. Image source: Daniel Collopy


Oh yes, a whole lot of sass in this artwork, featuring words by rapper Dr Dre.  Image source: Daniel Collopy


Simply stunning! Instead of choosing a tall plant to add height to the room and fill the corner they have opted for long branches of cherry blossom placed on a table. A perfect choice to bring some pink to the corner of the room and in a shade that is half way between the fuchsia pink in the bench seats at the base of the bed and the soft dusty pink headboard. Image source: Daniel Collopy


Rather than displaying art directly above the bed the two black Jielde lamps take centre stage, directing your eye to the focal point (the bed). Image source: Daniel Collopy


An oversized round mirror light takes pride of place above the bedroom sideboard and the thin black frame plays off perfectly against the black wall arm lights and black curtain rods. Image Source: Daniel Collopy


Small spaces lend themselves to very dark or black paint – this dressing room is a great example.  It creates a glamorous space, somewhat reminiscent of a dressing room backstage of a theatre. We also love the original pink tiles in the ensuite and how the soft pink color is weaved back through to the master bedroom. Image source:  Daniel Collopy


The positioning of this black and white upholstered bench seat along with the perspex occasional table and directional floor lamp help create a relaxing vignette with a view. Image source: Phil Sanchez


The main bathroom is slightly more modern than other parts of the home yet the finishes and details are timeless (like the herringbone patterned floor tiles, marble countertop).



From the persian rug to the industrial looking desk to the Tom Dixon Bass brass table lamp and the art printed on a fabric panel and suspended on a curtain rod, this space epitomizes the very successful, eclectic nature of this home. Image source: Daniel Collopy


As you would expect, musical instruments and equipment feature throughout the home – some are placed in specific zones, others are displayed proudly as accessories / art.  Image source: Phil Sanchez

There is so much to love about this home.  It is truly unique and has soul and character.  Design firm Consort have clearly nailed the brief and we are super excited to see what they do next.

Let us know which elements of this home you like the best!




Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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5 Responses to “Rockers Eclectic California Home”
  1.' Warren says:

    I love homes where the owners have eclectic furnishing tastes. It gives you carte blanche permission to buy and select anything and everything when out shopping. You don’t have to worry about whether anything you like might or might not match your decor.
    I believe its a great way to live and gives you a better sense of freedom to be yourself and create the home you really want.
    Looking good!

  2.' Lana says:

    Wow, such a great home! Love their eclectic style and choice of pieces :)

  3.' Andrew Bradford says:

    I’m already California dreaming ;)

    Do you know if the lighting pieces are from Delightfull?

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