Super sexy swing arm lamps

Elegant minimalistic forms, sexy sculptural quality, maneuverability and space saving benefits are just some of the reasons architects and designers can’t get enough of swing arm lamps. While many of today’s most popular swing arm lamps date back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, it is a testament to their clever design, that they are as relevant and popular today as they were back then.

Modern in their design yet streamlined in their form, these lamps are extremely versatile and work harmoniously with many architectural styles and in any room of the house – from a small swing arm wall sconce above a bedside table or a vertical bracket swing arm sconce that can extend 7 meters over a sofa, dining table or kitchen.

If you would like to see some of our favorite swing arm lamps and  how they can be incorporated into various rooms of your home to create a sophisticated look that will be ‘on-trend’ for decades to come read on.


The living room is a perfect space for a swing arm sconce as it negates the need for both a overhead hanging pendant as well as side table lamps.  We love this room design above and the repetition of modern lines and streamlined shapes (look at how perfectly the angled swing arm sconce ties in with the graphic lines in the artwork). Image source: Photographer Patric Johansson via Elle Decoration


The popular and stylish 265 lamp designed by Paolo Rizzatto for Flos in 1973 is another firm favorite and is still incredibly relevant for today’s professional yet relaxed lifestyles. The steel arm has a broad sweep and swivels easily via a tapered cast iron counterweight, and the chrome plated brass shade adjusts as well so you can change the direction of the light source. In this Scandi style interior above, the thin metal rod and angular lines works perfectly with the criss cross pattern on the rug and the wire chair, whilst not detracting from the architectural beauty of this room. Image Source Left: via Residence Magazine

Right: For a more compact solution, the Lampe GRAS Collection 214 wall lamp designed by Bernard-Albin Gras is an excellent option. This articulated wall lamp is height adjustable along an extended bar wall bracket allowing you to change the direction and height of the light. Image Source: DCW éditions


The 265 lamp is a great choice for a living room due to its adjustable arm and reflector which allows you to direct the light over the coffee table, sofa or artwork.  We love the choice of the white painted finish and how it blends harmoniously with the soft muted tones and surfaces in this room.  Photographer Petra Bindel via Elle Decoration


In this room the black 265 lamp is as much a part of the visual display on the sideboard as it is, a practical solution for providing reading light over the chair. Image Source: via Swoon


The 265 lamp works beautifully in rustic and modern Scandi style interiors featuring neutral color palettes and various layers of texture (such as this one above).  Image Source: via La Maison Dannag


With no artwork on the walls, the black metal 265 lamp is a design feature in this white and bright interior. The black metal arm provides contrast against the neutral color scheme and textural elements like wood, wool and paper. It also creates a leading line directing your gaze to the pottery collection on the sideboard.  Image source: via Heltenkelt Elsasentourage


Image source: 265 lamp via Bo Laget


It is not just swing arm wall lamps that are trending, many of these come in floor standing versions too. The Standing Lamp with three rotating arms designed by Serge Mouille is part of  larger collection of both wall and floor lamps. This freestanding lamp has a beautiful sculptural quality and elegance about it and adds height and dimension to this space. With its ballerina-like form it blends with modern furnishings just as well as the traditional pieces like this crystal chandelier. Image Source: Photographer Colin Dosswell via Inside Out Magazine.


Left: Once again we see these swing arm lamps incorporated in Nordic style interiors. It’s the blend of natural finishes and layering of textures contrasting with the thin metal arms of the lamps that works so perfectly. Image source Left:  Photographer Kristofer Johnsson.

Right: Another popular swing arm floor lamp is the Lamp Mantis BS1 Foor LampImage Source: Photographer Lionel Moreau via Alexandra Magne.


The dining room is another room that can benefit from a swing arm lamp.  In this modern loft apartment the Vitra Potence lamp (which was designed in 1947 by Jean Prouvé ), hits the mark.  It consists of a single metal rod that extends almost 7 feet from a wall-mounted vertical bracket. This purist masterpiece, also consists of a wood ball-ended handle that moves the entire lamp laterally to illuminate a 180-degree range of space. Image source: via Remodilista

Here we see how swing arm sconces work equally well with very different styles of homes. Image source Left: Pynter. Image source Right: Photographer Line Thit Klein


A swing arm light is a useful form of task lighting in the kitchen. Image source:  Ernestomeda 


The 214 wall lamp is an elegant and practical solution in this kitchen and compliments the black fixtures and sink. Image Source: Hecker Guthrie via Apartment 34.

Right: Instead of the regular over counter spot light or hanging pendants a trio of Lampe GRAS N°302 lamps gives you complete control over what you are lighting.  Image source via DCW éditions.

In this eclectic kitchen with a ceiling skylight and no obvious place to hang a pendant light, additional lighting is provided with two swing arm lamps.   Image source: via VK Visuals


Serge Mouille Sconce with two rotating arms. Image source: Photographer: Ricardo Labouble via Architectural Digest Espana


In bedrooms, a swing arm sconce is a terrific space saving light. Image source: Revistaad 


Image source Top left: Revistaad; Top right: Pinterest; Bottom left: Photography by Karolina Bak via Loft Szczecin; Bottom right: via Mokkasin

Whilst these iconic swing arm lamps do not come cheap, they are a worthwhile investment pieces that have stood the test of time and are likely to be celebrated for many decades to come.

Alternatively if you love the look but are looking for something a little more budget friendly stay tuned for our roundup of budget-friendly swing arm lamps.

Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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