Thinking outside the lamp box: LZF Telling Tales

If you have ever searched for the perfect lamp you can probably relate to flicking through page after page of lifeless (yawn, yawn) product shots in catalogues or on the web. Boring, right? Well, thankfully LZF Lamps, (who are known for their beautiful sculptural wood veneer lamps) have been thinking ‘outside the box’ and have come up with ‘Telling Tales’ – a creative campaign which includes an eye-catching collection of seductive and witty, illuminated stories that will delight you and have you anticipating the next intriguing installment. There are six different stories which will be released periodically throughout the year.


Creative Director Mariví Calvo’s concept was to ditch the traditional catalogue format and instead do photographic recreations of stories set in the 1950s with each photograph evoking a story line coming from the past and moving forward into the future. The initial references are to the works of the painter Edward Hopper and the film Rear Window by Hitchcock. 

What makes this campaign so captivating is:

- The images are set at night, allowing LZF to showcase the lamps when lit (this makes so much sense – an illuminated light is always going to look more atmospheric than an unlit one!);

- The focus is not just on the product and interior spaces, rather the human beings that inhabit them. They hired writer and novelist, Grassa Toro (who is from outside the world of industrial design) to create a story line relating to the images. (The narrative is intriguing, seductive and witty, akin to novella of yesteryear and gives us a glimpse into an imaginary world…and who doesn’t love a good nosey into someone elses life, imaginary or not?);

The images have an authentic yet artistic quality about them that immediately transports you to another era, yet are equally current today.  The colors and furniture used in the images are perfect representations of film and photography from the 1950’s yet it’s ironic that many of the wall colors and furniture pieces used are as much in vogue today as they were back then.

‘Telling Tales’ is a collection of hundreds of photographs, six stories and several hours of filming. You will get a chance to see the selected images and read the stories through LZF’s social media channels, Magazine No. 3 and in a special, six-volume book edition that will appear periodically throughout 2016.

Here’s a look at the first story; this really is great example of lighting done differently!

‘Julia & Nelson’



Julie never gets back home before six in the morning. She lives alone. I perceive that she is tired as she has been driving all night. Julie doesn’t want to make any noises that might wake up Nelson. She lives alone, with Nelson. She gets undressed in silence.




Nelson’s armchair is empty. Nelson’s not home. He is never home when Julie gets in. Just for once she would love to find him there waiting for her, even if he was asleep.



Once again, Julie does not want to sleep in her bed, yet instead, she sleeps in the living room while dreaming of blue birds. All women who sleep with a leg uncovered dream of blue birds; I read it in a book called Animal Life.



Soon she’ll wake up. She’ll go back to her room and she’ll make a call, and Nelson will pick up from somewhere in the city. She’ll ask him to come home and she’ll get dressed as if she were going out again. I’m sure Julie and Nelson must be siblings, because I’ve never seen them kiss on the lips.






 Nelson will get home and he won’t kiss her today, either. He’ll caress her hair, that’s all. Julie will read off the list of her passengers from the cab last night, including the two lovers she drove to a nearby hotel, and who wouldn’t stop kissing. Nelson won’t answer; he never does. The radio broadcaster will remind them that it rained all night and will announce the President’s agenda for today, Thursday.



Are you hooked? We are!


LZF LAMPS is the first specialixed company whose production is based entirely on wood veneer. Their sculptural and dramatic wood veneer lamps always attract a large audience of wide eyed and excited people at the design shows (see Design Junction) we have visited. They gaze up at the lamps mesmerized by their beautiful craftsmanship, zen-like organic shapes, and the beautiful soft diffused light they emit.

Each lamp design comes in a variety of color options, of which here a few. For more information visit LZF Lamps.



Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with LZF or paid for this post. We just happen to love this campaign!
Jill Brandenburg is a Freelance Interiors Writer & Stylist and Co-Editor of Design Lovers Blog.
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